Travelogue: Kyoto and Nara Day Tour

Japan is a country that offers one of the most beautiful scenery and culture in Asia, therefore, it is hard to miss visiting Kyoto and Nara where nature and culture coexist perfectly in harmony.

While so much could be going on in its nearby cities like Osaka and Tokyo, unplugging from the big urban areas are a huge part of travels to truly immerse in culture. The Japanese culture is so rich you would dare not snub it.

Thankfully, with Klook travel, it is now easier to visit these destinations and enjoy what it has to offer. There are a lot of tours being offered by Klook but we booked this tour based on reviews and the pricing. Click on the link to check tour availability and other significant details.

With this tour, you will be given an English-speaking tour guide to accompany and narrate to you lovely information about Kyoto and Nara’s precious tourist attractions.

The Tour Itinerary:

Kinkakuji Temple

Is it just me or this view actually looks like it was painted?


Tenryu-ji Temple

Take a break from walking in this beautiful setting.
With this scenery, it would be hard not to be thankful for existing in this life.
Titang-tita na ba? HAHA


Bamboo Groove Forest

Be like the bamboos, learn to bend not to break.
Japanese houses and traditional Kimonos, chef’s kiss!



Try the rickshaw tour if you have enough time. Adrian, our guide, told us that Arashiyama’s rickshaw tours are very popular due to the handsome rickshaw guides!
Refresh and energize! There are a lot of restaurants and stalls to choose from. You could have your lunch in this area while you wait for the others.
This store is popular among younger travelers. Indulge in sweets to boost energy levels!


Fushimi Inari-Taisha

Japanese shrines = amazing
Make a wish or cheer your friends up when they make one, either could work.
The fox is a prominent feature in the Japanese culture.
Lovely to see these students preserving their culture and donning the traditional Kimono.
Seriously? What is going to Japan without even trying the Takoyaki? A total disaster! Outside the shrine are food stalls lining up to catch your attention!
I call this, the Strawberry halo-halo! And that is my beautiful aunt. 😊


Torii Gates

The beginning of the trail that will lead you to the sacred Mount Inari.
Japanese students in traditional Kimonos, truly a sight to behold.
I’d assume we were at that area he was pointing at? We had a looooong way to go.
Uhm yes, this is me. Worldwide talikodgenic.


Nara Deer Park

Capping off the day tour is a visit to Nara Deer Park to mingle with these lovely creatures.
You could feed the deers that are freely roaming around the area.
When feeding them, be cautious as they could get too greedy and will pester you for more food.
Secretly snapped a pic of our tour guide as he waited for the others. Hi, Adrian!

Since we only had a day to cover the tour, we only got to visit the main attractions. If you could spare more time, stay for a night in both cities where you could explore more.

I personally would love to visit Kyoto again. I fell in love with Arashiyama! The place was a fusion of modern and traditional, all while being surrounded in luscious greeneries, showcasing how captivating Japan truly is.

While we didn’t explore much of Nara, the visit to the deer park itself is an eventful activity. Spending an afternoon relaxing in the shade while reading a book and casually feeding your deer friends actually sounds like a plan. There are also nearby temples that you could visit.

A trip to these two cities will make you appreciate Japan in a cultural perspective. Truly, this country is more than just the technology and the food!

Next on my Japan bucketlist? Cultural villages.

What cities in Japan would you like to see? Share in the comments below.



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