Adventure: Taco Lake Wakeboarding

As a gift for my boyfriend (now my fiancé!) on our 10th year anniversary, I treated him to a wakeboarding session in Taco Lake, Bangkok. When I told him about it, he had the widest smile on his face and his voice was filled with so much excitement. It was his first time to try the sport and doing it in a foreign place made it extra special for him.


Taco Lake is located along Bangna-Trad Highway and is only 15 minutes away from the Suvarnabhumi airport. Its exact address is 175/1 K.M. 13, Bangna-Trad Road, Bangphli Yai, Bangphli, Samutprakarn, 10540.


Sunset Ride– For only ฿400.00, you are treated to hours of wakeboarding from wake park opening time at around noon until 6pm in the evening.
Evening Ride- If you think you will need all night to master your wakeboarding skills, book the evening ride for only ฿600.00 per person and you will be allowed to play until 10pm in the evening.

Rates above include wakeboarding rides and safety gears such as helmets and vests.

Safety gears
Wakeboard with boots are for rent at an extra ฿100.00.

Taco Lake also offers cheap selection of foods and surprisingly, they’re very good! Food ranges from ฿50.00 to ฿100.00. Very ideal for when you go hungry after a whole afternoon of playing.

Chicken satay, spicy grilled beef salad and fried pork.

It was the perfect timing for us as it was our last night in Bangkok and we were transferring to a hotel that was near Suvarnabhumi Airport so we wouldn’t rush in catching our flight back to Singapore. We stayed in a hotel in Lat Krabang which would only take around 15 minutes travel time to the airport. It took us around 20 minutes to Taco Lake and around ฿230.00 fare for Grabcar — which is the platform we used for transportation for most of our Bangkok trip.

The wake park at night.

Even for a non-wakeboarder like me, I had a good time watching the professional wakeboarders do their thing and cheering on my boyfriend despite falling on his face on the first few attempts (it was cute! Hehe!). But imagine how proud I was when he was finally able to do it and did 2 rounds on the course!

There are also other things that you could do in the wake park if you think wakeboarding is too much for you. You can try stand up paddling and water skiing which looks just as exciting.

So if you ever get tired of the temples in Bangkok and the adventurous you wants to try something else, Taco Lake might just be the perfect place for you to enjoy water sports.

My boyfriend’s super stoked face below will tell you straight away how fun the activity was! 😉

A super happy fiancé!

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